Here are some ways you can find local, quality contractors in your area, fast.

Check Online Reviews and Ratings – There are a few sites that allow for clients and customers to review local businesses. The quality of these review sources vary though. Some rating and review sites make posting reviews so easy, that the reviews become easier for both the business and/or customers to manipulate the reviews too much. This can make the overall rating of the contractor become invalid. Some angry customers want to post multiple reviews. Sometimes a business will ask friends or relatives to post some positive reviews for them. Both of these actions sway the image of the contractor too far one way. The ratings become inaccurate.

Consider a Membership – One of the best ways to get the highest quality reviews online, is to join a review membership site, where the ratings and review process is overseen by a staff of people. They also have the technology to create a more fraud-proof review system. Review sites that charge a small monthly fee to post and read local business reviews, can afford to maintain the accuracy and quality of the reviews being posted.

Motivate Your Contractor To Do a Good Job – Once you have registered with a review site, you can let your contractor know that will be submitting your evaluation of their services to that third party site when the work is completed. This may help the contractor be a little more motivated to make sure that you are happy with the work he provides.

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