I need a practical strategy to a primehttps://1921680.one/  undertaking. We will need to reset the WIFI password every day at 8:00 AM and at 12:00 PM. Then at five:00 PM the WIFI needs to be turned off until the following morning at eight:00 AM with a new password.

Those randomly (or no longer) passwords will be emailed to the office manager the moment the change takes region.

How can this be done routinely, with out getting concerned manually in the technique?

Thank you.


Best AnswerGeorge1421
Mar 25, 2018 at eleven:08 AM
Based on your extra input. What you are searching out is a captive portal appliance that supports a ticketing or voucher device. There are some cloud base wi-fi get right of entry to factor controllers that guide this feature. If you just wanted to “strive” some thing you can take a look at pfsense as an software platform on a circa 2013 desktop with 2 network adapters. The pfsense container could take a seat among the wi-fi get entry to factors and the net. You could then connect with the wi-fi Ap with a static wifi password, then to get admission to the Internet you’ll should log thru the captive portal web page, like many motels have with their terms of use that the customer has to accept earlier than get entry to is granted. Once logged in you’ll then have get entry to to the Internet for a time period. To take that one step greater, inside the captive portal service you may enable ticketing or access tokens. These tokens might be a one time use for a time period. Once the token allotment become used up then access would be denied. There is no password trade c programming language which you could need. You would just print up a gaggle of enterprise cards with the particular tokens on them and hand them out when required. Also with pfsense you may setup routing primarily based on time of day, efficiently shutting off internet get admission to outdoor of enterprise hours.

Now with that stated, there are some other methods you could go about this too.

1. (act) like an ISP and feature a each day/monthly usage system. When the usage is used up they are denied get right of entry to. This machine generally requires a radius server to control get right of entry to as well as utilization management. Usage can be based on accumulative time or bytes transferred.

2. You could do as you asked with a radius server and some scripting to update the password on the radius server on an c language and then e-mail the password change to the supervisor. This is more of a diy solution and will have a lot of moving components, however it’s miles completely possible.

I think my very first solution using a captive portal gadget is a miles purifier and self contained answer.

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Mar 25, 2018 at 1:forty eight AM
You will need to offer more information about your setup. For instance; what make and version of router (in which the SSID and the password are held) are you using? And are you a Windows organisation? Plus any beneficial facts.

Normally, you need to log into the router (Modem/router) to make changes and save them and then restart the Wifi. I have never seen what you need achieved before and am not sure that it may be executed. It depends upon the software program this is constructed into the router – can be unique to the maker, may be Linux based totally. It is deliberately made hard to get admission to it so that human beings can not insert malware, etc.

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brianwhelton This character is a Verified Professional
Mar 25, 2018 at 3:20 AM
Whelton Network Solutions is an IT service provider.

Whilst it would not sound not possible, it might rely upon your hardware. Having this requirement (even for me it’s miles strict!) must dictate the equipment you want simply so it is able to be fulfilled. After all I can need to do all manner of things on a community, ACLs, a couple of VLANs, load-balancing and many others. But if I’m using a customer grade home marketplace router, I’m now not going to achieve success doing it.

Are you soliciting for a way to do that in your present day hardware? Is so, you may want to recommend us on what you’re the usage of.

Or are you requesting suggestions based upon your requirement for the duration password change and disabling the relationship?

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TBinCT This individual is a Verified Professional
Mar 25, 2018 at 8:19 AM
This sounds like a panic/overreaction reaction from control. What is the trouble you are trying to solve?

It’s typically manageable to have the wifi shut off at 5pm and turn lower back on in the morning, however why the constant password adjustments?

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Mar 25, 2018 at 10:12 AM
Hello all and thank you for showing interest. Here’s is what we are looking to do:

We will be opening a new office as a part of our organization this is VERY regulated, but in contrast to all our different offices, this one could be an ‘open space’ environment. We invite potential clients to perform enterprise with their own clients with the hope that via imparting them the liberty to be far from their workplace and giving them the tools to operate (WIFI, printing, scanning, desks, and so on.), they will send their customers to us for a selected a part of the transaction.

Our customers are technically knowledgeable, and I do not need to create a state of affairs where humans will return to the parking zone later inside the day and use the WIFI for different usages.

Management saw the Starbucks and other locations concept wherein they reset their password each week or so and became questioning if we will pressure the identical idea to two times a day to live on the protection compliance side of the regulation. Of path, we are able to reset the password manually every time, but that is a remote region, and we were thinking if this may be completed routinely. We is probably overreaching, however it was worth asking the professionals.

We use Windows environment running Juniper routers with the Ubiquity WIFI extenders.

I in my view paintings with different corporations that change the password some times an afternoon, and they send me a textual content whenever the password has been modified. It is random, so I’m guessing someone adjustments the password manually and texts a particular number of customers, but I can not get more info.

Again, the purpose is sincerely to keep away from misuse of the WIFI. We might motel to a WIFI shutdown at the stop of the commercial enterprise day and reset the password once per week, manually.

Thank you.

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