Who else is in the market for penis enlargement pills? Maybe you’ve been researching natural male enhancement techniques and have decided that a pill or supplement is the right approach for you? Or, maybe you’ve already purchased other PE products and have been disappointed by the results and are ready to try something new?

Many men are put off by the more labor intensive PE products like pumps, pulleys or medical grade traction devices, and think that popping a pill is as close to a “magical” size solution that they’ll find. The truth? After writing hundreds of articles and blog posts that have been enjoyed by many millions of men, I can honestly tell you that enlargement pills are NOT a “magic” solution, and need to be researched fully if you truly crave the sort of great gains that ARE possible if you know what works best. https://buyresearchchemicalsonlineusa.com/

With that in mind, let’s get straight to some very simple universal truths about shopping for male enhancement products of any kind. These rules are even MORE important before purchasing anything you ingest orally, as there is a special kind of danger that comes with anything you eat, ingest, absorb or inhale.

1 – Just because a PE product is categorized as a natural product, doesn’t make it true. The FDA does very little vetting on pills that are marketed as natural supplements, and this puts the average consumer of these products at great risk. For example? You may see a supplement that is advertised as “100% natural” and even have a full list of ingredients posted on the outside of the box. While this may make us all FEEL good about what we are about to “eat” or ingest, it certainly doesn’t mean that what is actually IN the bottle, and in the pill, is what is advertised on the box.

2 – Many PE pills that have come under scrutiny have had a whole host of problems when the ingredients were actually analyzed. In some the BEST cases, what was promised to be in the bottle, was nowhere to be found. In some of the WORST cases… a whole host of ingredients found in pills were the sorts of things you’d never put into your body voluntarily. Chemicals, potential carcinogens, rat poison and even fecal matter have been found crushed up, and in some of the popular pills you can find online, or in the back of many men’s interest, and health magazines.

3 – The ingredients that one would HOPE to find in a PE pill that have been proven to work, can be found naturally in your local grocery store or supermarket as well. My general rule is, it’s always better to find a key ingredient in it’s natural state, the way the Universe wants you to have it, rather than in a contrived state that the consumer industrial machine would PREFER you buy it.

For example?

As I’ve written about many times in the past, there are many ingredients that can dramatically influence your erection size, and that are found in many of the better PE pills as a result. The antioxidants that are prevalent in blue, black and boysenberries, dark cherries and spinach are all good examples of this. The Omega’s found in sardines, salmon and all oily fish are another. The antioxidants found in walnuts and almonds are another great example.

You can buy all of these in a pill that “promises” they are present, or you can go to the supermarket and buy the actual foods from which they derive.

If you MUST shop for PE pills and simply don’t want to follow my advice above?

1 – Only buy from companies who maintain a A + rating with the BBB
2 – Only shop with companies who manufacture in the USA (where there are regulations if in fact, a company is producing products that don’t conform with label advertising)
3 – Avoid any “continuity billing” product or program who sells on an auto-ship basis (this can be a nightmare if and when you decide to cancel)
4 – In keeping with the above, above free trial style offers as well

If you are serious about your health, your budget, your erection size and your sexual self confidence, my rule is to always go to the source.

Get the best of nature, naturally!

In summation?

If I had to sum up a decade of experience with a whole variety of PE pills, potion and products, and the feedback from tens of thousands of readers, there have been only a handful of products worth even loosely recommending.

And every single time, the same great gains could be achieved more easily and affordably, and with a lot more overall benefits to y our body, through buying them in the actual foods from where they occur in nature. If you apply this approach, with a good solid PE exercise program, not only will you never had a need for pills again, you will never believe you considered buying them in the first place!


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