There are many avenues of expression that you can use to reach out to new customers. There is television and radio advertising, newspaper ads, billboards, magazine advertisements, flyers and many more. The first rule of thumb is to see marketing strictly as a means to the end of getting new customers. Avoid the temptation to get too creative or “show off” in your marketing. Just because Geiko and Sonic put funny advertisements on TV, that doesn’t mean you have to. Those commercials are expensive to make so to afford to use that kind of high end advertising, you have to justify it in terms of potential new business.

You may get to the point in your growth that those flamboyant and fun commercials are a good fit to your marketing objectives. But make sure your marketing goals are 100% built around your business needs so you don’t make the mistake of spending a lot of money or marketing that is not making your business lots of money in return.

Fit your marketing plan to the size of your business and to who your future customers are. Many times a very simple and inexpensive form of marketing is also the most effective for getting you new business. That sign that you had made up to put on the side of your company trucks and vans is outstanding a marketing. You will get most of your new business from people who see in working in the neighborhoods where you already are successful. By simply making it easy for people who see you out and about to contact you, many times you never have to do anything more to get all the customers you need.

By taking advantage of the least expensive and most productive advertising and marketing first, you can see your business grow while keeping your marketing budget under control. Then when your lawn care businesses as big as Sonic or Geiko, then you can employ cavemen and cartoon lizards to get the word out about your business.