┬áIf you must purchase new, companies like Apple, Dell, and Hewett-Packard usually offer student discounts. Also look for back-to-school specials and rebate offers (take the time send in for it!). Academic software discounts. Programs like Adobe Photoshop can be extraordinarily expensive if purchase at retail. Fortunately, most brands (like Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Cisco and many others) offer educational software editions. They are functionally identical to their commercial versions but are offered at a significant discounts to students, educators and academic institutions. JourneyEd is the nations leading academic software reseller to higher education students – they have over 100,000 products at up to 85% savings off retail pricing. As an English major, you may only need your basic Microsoft Office; but majoring in Graphic Arts may require you to have every design program under the sun. Even if you just want to learn Spanish before going abroad, your wallet will appreciate the savings you will accumulate by taking advantage of these student software discounts.

As a student there are many ways to save, but none as immediate as focusing your penny-pinching attention on school itself. Following these simple tips may be the smartest thing you do at school.


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