Add Your Link

Once you’ve ‘linked’ your website to your Google+ account, you’ll then be able to include links to your site on the labels and annotations that appear on your videos. This is a great trick because it means you can direct traffic to your site directly from your videos with a strong call to action.

Develop Your Powers of Persuasion

And speaking of calls to action… make sure that you include them at the ends of your videos. This is the point where you tell people why they should buy your product, sign up to your mailing list or visit your site and then compel them to do so. Make sure you use these and if you’re trying to sell a product, try to include some time pressure or ‘scarcity’ that will encourage your viewers to act more impulsively.

Post as Regularly as You Can

With any form of marketing, consistency is highly important. This is no different with YouTube marketing, so make sure that you are uploading your videos regularly and that you have a constant stream of new content for your visitors. As well as being encouraging and giving people reason to keep coming back, more videos also just means more content to discover and more ‘in-roads’ to your brand and your channel. Don’t slack!

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