It is easy to get intimidated by some of the roles you take on when you start your own lawn care business. You may be an expert at lawn care and everything that goes with it. You know all about how to buy great equipment and how to keep it in good working condition. You know all about lawns, gardens and how to support just about any request your customer’s might make of you pertaining to the outdoor space around their homes or businesses.

But being a busiess person means knowing about things you may have never wanted to know about such as accounting, management, taxes, social security, withholding, leases and employee benefits. But these elements are just as important as the work you do at a customer site if you hope to be a success as a lawn care business. One of the area of expertise that you should get over that sense of intimation about is marketing.

You don’t have to become an advertising expert to find the right marketing plan to promote your lawn care business. On the other hand, if you want to succeed and see your business grow, getting the word out to new customers is a must. You know that any business sees a steady turnover of customers. While lawn care is all about long term relationships with clients, you do need to replenish your client roster continuously. But more than that, if you want to grow, you should have marketing plan in place that will bring you new customers regularly so you can enjoy the growth you want to see your service go through.

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