In every way behave like a guest when you are on the property of a customer. Don’t smoke or allow your workers to smoke in presence of a customer and above all, don’t throw the butts on the ground. Dress like professionals and have in a civilized manner even when working on the lawn of your customers. Don’t embarrass your customer to his or her neighbors. Every minute you are working at a customer site, people are watching from the other homes in the neighborhood and they can see the sign on your trucks identifying your lawn care service. Be aware of those eyes and use the time you are working to present a professional image to onlookers. Those hidden watchers may be evaluating you to use for their lawn care service too.

Maintain scrupulous behavior standards for your workers when at a customer site. You should clean up after yourself and leave the site looking immaculate when you are finished. When the job is done, go to the door and thank the customer for the chance to work for them. As you depart with a cheerful, “see you next week”, you build relationship and expectation that you will be back when needed to knock the customer’s socks off with outstanding customer service once again.

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