After you pay the bill for your magazine subscription, you will start to receive your issues in the mail. Typically these will arrive every month but some magazines are weekly or every other month. It depends on the magazine. Most subscriptions last a year although some are for six months, again depending on the magazine. If it is a magazine you especially enjoy, you should consider taking these offers seriously.

After sending in your subscription, you will probably begin to receive special offers for subscription renewal during the year. Most of these offers will help you save even more money. If you really enjoy your magazine, you should consider taking up these offers. The best thing about having a magazine subscription is you will typically receive your new issue before it is released on the newsstand and to the general public.

Reading magazines is a great way to stay informed on your favorite subjects. They are great to share with friends and family or keep for reference at a later time. Some magazine subscriptions even offer free gifts when you subscribe. This can be anything from a carrying bag to free issues of the magazine.

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