The time period “information” refers to number one information or numerical facts relating to an event or transaction. Data is stored and maintained on a computer or network. Computer Software like HiTech Financial Accounting manner this digital facts. Data is likewise maintained as hardcopy or paper print. Since accounting limits itself best to those transactions and occasions which might be economic in person, consequently, accounting information will consist of records, financial in nature, regarding transactions and activities of a business entity for the accounting period. Moreover, accounting statistics must be supported via documentary evidence. Thus, files called vouchers, aid the records. Usually records is disorganized and disjointed in its uncooked shape. It isn’t always capable of being understood. So, accounting techniques raw statistics into finished form of “data” to make it beneficial and significant, able to being utilized in choice taking procedure by using the numerous users of accounting facts.

Thus accounting data processed by the accounting cycle produces accounting facts. Data is collected, recorded, classified, grouped, valued, tabulated, arranged, summarized with a purpose to gift the identical in the form of facts for its use by means of the users to permit them to take selections.

Accounting information Consists of financial transactions and activities referring to an entity for the accounting length supported by means of documentary evidence (vouchers). For example receipts and bills are documented through payee’s receipt purchases via bill, income by way of outwards invoice, returns inwards by credit be aware; returns outwards by means of debit be aware; costs by means of bills or fee rolls and so forth.

Thus the first and the maximum important feature of accounting is to accumulate the information supported with the aid of the vouchers to ensure the authenticity of the same. Accounting processes include recording inside the books of original entry (journal or sub- journals); classifying (posting into ledger) grouping (putting transactions of similar nature at one place in a single account) valuing (finding the fee at year end by using balancing or valuing) tabulating (getting ready list of balances and checking arithmetical accuracy) and preparing financial statements (Trading and Profit and loss account; Balance Sheet) in file shape to talk the data.

Now-a-days pc accounting software program can manage this challenge very efficient in a count of short time. Accounting information is offered usually inside the shape of economic statements like Income declaration (Trading and Profit & Loss account) Position announcement (Balance sheet). Now-a-days declaration of changes in monetary position; cost brought declaration; document on Human assets accounting; Social performance record and so on. Form part of accounting records

Difference among Data and Information


1. Refers to information, records approximately any event.

2. Is, commonly, disorganized and disjointed in the shape.

3. Is in uncooked-form and is the enter of accounting.

Four. Cannot be understood or made use of by the users.

5. It does not rely upon data.


1. Refers to most effective those occasions which are worried with entity.

2. Is properly organized, labeled and organized.

3. Is within the completed form and is the output of accounting.

4. Is understood and used by the customers of accounting facts for taking their selections.

Five. Information is based upon and derived from statistics.

Parties interested by accounting facts

Accounting records is of hobby to diverse persons who are at once or indirectly concerned with an organization.


A small commercial enterprise is commonly carried on by means of the only trader or through the companions. But a large commercial enterprise is commonly performed by means of an integrated business enterprise which separates control from ownership. Managers’ responsibility is to operate the business efficiently and maximize the go back on capital with out jeopardizing the fund.

Management wishes accounting information in

(1) deciding on out of alternative proposals;

(2) controlling acquisition and maintenance of inventories (stock) coins receipts and payments;

(3) planning or budgeting for the destiny

(four) appraising the performance and

(five) devising remedial measures for the deviations of the actual outcomes from the budgeted objectives.


Although proprietors provoke in contributing fund to the business but they may be the closing to get hold of their claim on equity’s go back on their funding. This is proper not only in repaying but also in rewarding their capital. After assembly all of the fees such as employees’ salaries and lender’s hobby earnings if any may be allotted as a reward on capital. Naturally, the owners are interested by the safety of their capital as also for a reasonable go back thereon, which rest on the priority’ s stability and prosperity. Accounting reports (annual) not simplest appraise the beyond overall performance however also assist in assessing future prospects of the entity. Such information is likewise very critical for could-be-proprietors.


May be quick-time period viz, suppliers of products, creditors of brief increase or lengthy-phrases viz. Mortgages, debenture holders and so on. Although each are interested by the stability and earnings of the debtor company but the previous specifically appears to its quick-time period solvency i.E. Liquidity while the latter is inquisitive about long-term solvency of the firm.


Many products now-a-days are subject to excise-obligation and sales Lax. Also the authorities regulates the expenses of vital items e.G.. Tablets, veggies, oil and many others. So the Government is fascinated to recognize the costing records to administer excise duties and to alter the costs of products. Government is likewise inquisitive about the accounting facts on the profits for earnings tax purposes.


Steady employment and balance of enterprise go together. Again trade unions are interested by sharing the profit of the firm inside the shape of bonus. Therefore, the personnel are clearly inquisitive about the accounting facts provided via the annual accounting reviews.


Price-boom is disfavored in almost all the quarters. Accordingly, a producer endeavors to reduce his product value as also its selling charge. Recently customer protection associations have been shaped to exercise control at the business and enterprise and additionally to make them privy to the “Social responsibility” towards society. Thus consumers additionally need accounting records.

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