First of all I do not work for Tube Toolbox. If you buy Tube Toolbox I do not get a dime. I am just using this software and getting great results and I wanted to share the information here. I am also interested in other people’s experiences with this software and other video marketing software. I have actually taken the time to really use this software consistently over a month and here is my review.

The word “autopilot” is not my favorite because mostly it is associated with those B.S. software programs that are popular on Clickbank now. You know the ones “Just Push A Few Buttons And Watch The Money Roll In” type programs that never work but sound so wonderful. Well this technique is actually working to get me 1000 friends per week to my YouTube channel pretty much on autopilot.

I am using a software called Tube Toolbox. I love it! As I write this I have about 4400 friends on this channel. I started using the technique about 1 month and it is working quite well. I have over 200 comments on my channel. 90% came from using Tube Toolbox.Keep in mind I am just getting going with this.

Tube Toolbox is a software which helps you automate many of the tasks that you can do on YouTube saving you lots of time. Here are some of the tasks Tube Toolbox automates for you:

* Sending Friend Requests
* Sending Messages
* Sharing Videos
* Posting Comments on Videos
* Posting Comments on Channels
* Subscribing to Channels
* Unsubscribing from Channels
* Accepting Friend Requests

Tube Toolbox accomplishes all of this without violating any of YouTube’s terms of services so your account is never at risk. There are sending limits on each function with the software which makes it impossible to violate YouTube’s TOS. This is not a spam tool.

Here is the technique I am using with great success:


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