Let me ask you a couple of questions? Where do you see yourself at the age of 65? Will your finances be in order to allow you to live the lifestyle that you want to life?

So many individuals fail where finances are concerned. They did not plan to fail. It happened because they failed to plan.

What is your plan like? Will it allow you to live the way you want to live, travel to the places you want to travel, or spend quality time with family and friends. What if your health changed and you could no longer work your job.  https://esportsrant.com/

The focus here is planning. We can no longer count on or expect the government to take care of us. We can no longer count on pensions that could disappear with a law change or changing hands of a company. We can no longer count on our 401K to take care of us. What is your plan to assure your financial freedom?

Do you want the 45 year plan to retire from your job? Of course with the current economy do you may envision yourself retiring at the age of 80 instead of 65.

For every 100 people who reach the age of 65% -1% are independently wealthy most likely inherited wealth; 4% are financially fit; 5% are still working (and that number is growing); 28% are dead (probably worked themselves to death); and 62% are flat broke.

Some scary facts, did you know only 5% of individuals are able to retire without changing their lifestyle at the age of 65? What happens to the other 95%? The 95% of people spend up to 45 years of their lives making the other 5% successful. They work a plan for someone else’s financial success and not their own.

What are the options to acquire additional income? You can work more hours that is if your employer has the hours. You can get a second job which could be almost impossible given the high employment rate unless you want to deliver pizza. You could start your own business. Of course that is not without risk. With the tough credit markets you may have to leverage everything you own to secure the capital to start a business. You could start your own franchise. That is if you have $150,000 to half a million dollars and of course let’s not forget you will be in competition with all the other franchises and have to share your profit with the mother company. Of course you can make millions in the stock market! And then there are always the millions your family will leave to you as an inheritance. You can return to school to major in a higher paying occupation. Then save for retirement as well as pay off your student loans. Best of all you could win the lottery. You have to buy lottery tickets though to even have a remote change!

Many of us spend countless hours trying to figure out how to retire in the 5% group but never come to the conclusion how to make it happen.

None of the options to earn additional income appear to be workable to the average individuals. What if you could exchange the 45 year plan for a two to three year plan that would provide financial and time freedom? Would you do it?

There are companies that offer opportunities for individuals like you to follow a two to three year plan. The two year plan should include a systemized, standardized, uniformed plan with a state of the art management systems. The option of multiple merchandising and marketing tools along with a growing visibility both locally and internationally is important. A standardized training system will allow an individual to start the program without trying to reinvent the wheel.

Choose a company that has steady quarterly growth and has had a presence more than a couple of months or years. You want to be certain the company will be there tomorrow.

The choice is yours. You can fail to plan and plan to fail or you can plan knowing you can not fail.

To Your Success!

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