Tourists visiting the awesome Viking cathedral right in the centre of Kirkwall have the chance to get up close and personal with the creativity behind one of the most well-known symbols used in jewellery ranges on Orkney. St Magnus is the name of an early jewelry collection and based on the lovely carved rose window on the south side of the building. You may buy jewelry online presenting this stylish design in silver bangles, cufflinks, charms, bracelets, rings, pendants, and brooches.

The rose window of St Magnus Cathedral was made in 1856. When it was renovated the modern stonemasons at Boden and Ward won the Natural Stone Awards 2004 as you could not view the joins. They used rock quarried in St Ola, Orkney, sent it 600 miles south to their workshops in Northamptonshire and transported it back here across the sea. The window lies up high in the south transept, a long way up, it is not easy to see the detail. There’s a tour that allows you to climb up for a close-up view. Or you might just take a look at local silver bangles to see the detail.

Fearless folk are now being invited to buy Christmas gift vouchers for the cathedral tour which also includes getting close to a grisly hangman’s ladder. The double runged ladder – two individuals went up but only one came down – was last used at the gallows in Kirkwall, in the 1700s.

Silver Bangles – The Devil Is In The Detail

Even the spiralling narrow stairs for the tour of the upper floor of St Magnus Cathedral are definitely not for the faint hearted. Don’t run into another group coming down while you are going up!

Other highlights include the Fiat Lux stained glass window in the triforium crafted in the 1920s by Oscar Paterson, an acquaintance of Charles Rennie Macintosh – and bells cast in the gun foundry at Edinburgh Castle during the early 16th century. These bells are rung utilizing a special method in the UK by one individual using hand pulls together with a foot pedal.

People who can negotiate the narrow passageways and stairs are compensated by vistas over Kirkwall to the isles. The cathedral was set up in Viking times in 1137 by Earl Rognvald in remembrance of his uncle St Magnus who had been martyred by an axe blow. A skull split by a weapon and believed to be that of the saint is enshrined within a pillar in the nave.

Silver bangles and all the additional pieces in the St Magnus compilation are available in the event you buy jewelry online on Orkney web pages. That is the easy option.

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