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The most popular swimwear for this summer depends a great deal on location.  GETIX.ID

If you are in the US or Canada, the most popular swimwear this summer the string bikini, full figure bikini and the shaping bikinis are in style, the thong and g string has definitely picked up in popularity and is readily accepted except on traditionally family oriented beaches and even there, they are pretty much accepted unless posted. The underwire support tops, the push up tops and the sheer string tops are all showing to be very popular.

The one piece swimsuit is all about high cut thighs, full support and underwire bust lines in bright colors. With the latest patterns available you can’t go wrong; the colors are vibrant and full of life. Low cut fronts with sheer fabric are very popular as are the cut outs and pretzel type one piece swimsuits.

As of late the American flag or stars stripes and banner style bikinis and one piece swimsuits have seen a huge following and as usually the case, the patriotism is strong in the US and people love to show off their true colors so to speak.

So locally to summarize, the most popular swimwear this summer is the string bikini, the g string and thong bikini, the one piece is showing a great deal of strength. When it comes to patterns, the animal prints, red white and blue flag prints and the camo prints are still in the lead but in bright vibrant hues.

In the Caribbean the most popular swimwear this summerstring are bikinis of all types as are thongs and g strings. Bright colors, animal prints and floral patterns. In all three cases the average age group that is sporting a sting, thong or g string bikini has increased drastically over the last 4 to 5 years. Now that thong and g string bikinis are readily accepted on any Caribbean beach the average age group that was once 18 to 24 has now changed to 25 to 35 and in many cases up into the mid 40’s. Mainly driven by the fact that man women are hitting the gym on a regular basis and the Hollywood celebrities are regularly seen in string bikinis, thongs, g strings and tongas.

Mentioning tongas, the one piece tonga has seen the most growth in popularity of any swimsuit design. Mainly because it gives full body coverage yet leaves your best assets so to speak in view, the one piece tonga is an exceptionally sexy swimsuit. This stunning suit typically is a body hugging suit made of smooth sheer fabric. It generally has a scoop front and a full tonga or thong style back. Not only is it regularly seen on beaches, it is a great suit for a quiet romantic night in the hot tub with a loved one.

One piece swimsuits are scattered through the Caribbean but for the most part the tankini has taken over the one piece swimsuit roll for the more conservative woman. The tankini offers the best of both worlds, it has the style comfort and convenience of a bikini yet offers the modest coverage of a full coverage one piece. Now let’s make note that not all tankinis are made for coverage, there are some really sexy, full and half cut tankinis on the market that are dead sexy, and of course the semi sheer and sheer series are another story all together when it comes to the sexy category. This leads us into our next style of swimsuit the semi sheer and sheer series.

No matter how you slice it, the sheer one piece and sheer bikinis are stunning and also receiving a great deal of attention. Women are looking for a different kind of sexy or alternative to the thongs and g strings and are turning to the sheer style of swimwear. Typically non translucent or only slightly translucent when dry these stunning swimsuits become a remarkable sight when you add water. Again the degree of translucency is dependent on the fabric and depth of color. The degree of sheerness starts at the white gauze style of swimsuit which is basically see through in its entirety when wet to only slightly see through in the darker thicker sheer fabrics.

If you are planning on heading on a European excursion you can expect to see the tiniest string bikinis, thong and g strings. No matter how you slice it, the bikini is by far the most popular for both men and women. In addition bikini tops are still pretty much optional as the European society is much more liberal when it come to their bodies and showing skin.

Now with all this said there is one bikini style this summer that is showing up on beaches internationally, it comes in is styles from full coverage to g strings and that is the bikini with multiple straps on the hips. These bikinis are the fashion statement this summer so if you are looking for The Most Popular Swimwear This Summer, it is without a doubt the multiple strap bikini.

The last thing that needs to be mentioned is, no matter where you go in the world today, sexy cover -ups are in and in style, sarongs, long and short, especially the thong and sarong combination. Long flowing cover ups with long slits up the sides in stylish fashion have really become popular and in high demand. Just check out the local tabloids and you will see where the fashion trend is coming from.

All in all it’s a beautiful world we live in, with long white sand beaches, far off resorts, sparkling local pools and back yard hot tubs, and in all cases we can expect to see beautiful swimwear of all shapes and sizes.

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