Buying UK Land has been the choice for many top investors until the UK government has stated it will not allow any greenbelt or greenfield land to be developed for future housing. Many investors are now holding land that can never be built on due to the restrictions imposed by the UK government.

There are thousands of investors that have bought land in the UK, hoping that they will gain planning permission in the near future. Thus, hoping for a huge return on their investment. One must thread carefully when approached by any UK land investment companies or land banking companies as they refer to themselves.

Buying land can generate substantial returns in the long run, if you are willing to wait it out for 20 to 30 years or perhaps longer. The returns can generate 1000% on your investment.

If you are buying land, remember it is a speculative investment. It is a long term investment which is not generating any income for your investment dollars.

This is why many UK and European investors are now rushing to buy overseas properties while the UK Pound and Euro is at it’s strongest level.

While buying an overseas property can be time consuming, it can be rewarding if you know what you are doing. Many investors are novices when it comes to buying property overseas.

Investors are are stuck with several questions when investing in the overseas real estate market.
Where to Buy?, Legal Procedures?, Government restrictions?, etc.

Whether you are buying a vacation home or an investment property, you should consider spending the extra money in hiring the right professionals to handle your purchases.

With the UK Pound at it’s strongest level, UK investors are now rushing to areas in the US, Croatia, Cyprus and Bulgaria to take advantage of their strong currency.

UK and European investors are now taking advantage of the dropping US dollar. Thus, buying up several US based real estate properties to add to their portfolios. Their main objective is buying distressed properties at a low discount and flipping it for a huge mark up. The US foreclosure market is at it’s highest level. Finding properties that will make short term profits has never been easier.

There are investors that have seen 15%-30% returns in a matter of weeks. The 2007 US real estate market will be an exciting one if you play your cards right.

There are many companies that help in the acquisition, rehabilitation and liquidation of distressed properties. They are experts in all phases of real estate transactions, including locating profitable investments, fair market analysis, property development and renovations.

If you are a novice or an experienced real estate investor, these companies are recommended to make sure you are not alone when investing in the US market and adding another investment property to your portfolio.

Buying US foreclosures can generate quick returns versus land investing. Finding the right property is easy if you know where to look.

Wherever you plan to buy, do your own research and always hire a professional to handle your investment.

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