Writing reviews of internet marketers is not only a good way to ‘brand’ yourself, but it is also an effective strategy for your own marketing. https://ukwritingsreviews.co.uk/

Part of any strategy for effective marketing online can easily be done by anyone who has scoured the internet for good programs.

You will be amazed at how much knowledge you have absorbed – and it can be turned into a revenue stream.

Not necessarily for big bucks – but, even if it is only ten or twenty dollars a day – that’s better than a slap in the face with a wet fish. Imagine then duplicating that.

Find a marketer that you think is genuine – whose products are worthwhile and can benefit your readers.

Then write a review of both the marketer and his product/s.

– Be honest and give the pros and cons. Show why the product can be trusted.
– Remember readers are looking for a solution/information – so show how the product can solve the problems
– Give tips and point out the features.

You can then upload it to your blog or website and drive traffic to it through using social media (Twitter, FB etc) and any other methods you can use.

Turn it into an e-book and give it away. (Microsoft’s ‘Open Office’ is a good PDF maker and very easy to use.)

Make it clear that you are more interested in helping than in selling. Gain the trust of your reader who is a potential buyer. You may even leave it until the end to actually make reference to your product. The PDF you produce should have quality information.

This is only the tip of the iceberg – more ideas can be implemented around this idea.

Would you like to learn more simply go to my blog Effective marketing Strategy [http://internetmarketingsolutions.uwcblog.com/internet-marketing-2/a-strategy-for-effective-internet-marketing-part-1/] and help yourself. It is only in 5 parts.

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